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The TOA-MD Applications Library

The Applications Library is an archive of publications, models and data from studies using TOA-MD. In addition to archiving studies that have used TOA-MD, we hope to lower the cost and improve the quality of impact assessments by creating a data bank of parameters for TOA-MD users, for meta-analysis, and other research purposes. Below is a list of published projects that have used TOA-MD.  Some are open access and can be obtained by clicking the title. If you wish to view copies of any of these publications or the associated data sets for personal research, we encourage you to contact the authors or e-mail us at and include an explanation of the intended use. 

Related Publications

Antle, J., Valdivia, R. (2020). Tradeoff Analysis of Agri-Food Systems for One CGIAR. Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC).

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TOA-MD Applications


A database with over 30 recent publications using TOA-MD can be downloaded by clicking this link.


Additional publications using TOA-MD:

Economic Potential of Industrial Hemp in Oregon: An Ex Ante Minimum Data Assessment

Antle, J.M. and S. Cho. 2022. Unpublished paper. Available from the authors (

Economic and Environmental Performance of Dryland Wheat Systems in a 1.5 Degree C World.

Antle, J.M., S. Cho, H. Tabatabaie and R. Valdivia. 2018. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for  Global Change. DOI 10.1007/s11027-018-9804-1.

Using AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessment Methods to Evaluate Climate Impact, Adaptation, Vulnerability and Resilience in Agricultural Systems

Antle, J., S. Homann-Kee Tui, K. Descheemaeker, P. Masikate, R. Valdivia.D. Zilberman, L. Lipper, N. McCarthy, S. Asfaw, G. Branca, editors. Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience to Climate Change. Elsevier. 2018. Open access (click title above).

Developing Next Generation Data Systems and Knowledge Products for Agricultural Producers and Policy Decision Makers

Capalbo, S.M., J.M. Antle and C. Seavert. 2016 . Agricultural Systems, November 2016. Open access (click title above).

An Income-based Food Security Indicator for Agricultural Technology Impact Assessment

Antle, J.M.,  R. Adhikari and S. Price. (2015). , in Andrew Schmitz, P. Lynn Kennedy, Troy G. Schmitz (ed.) Food Security in an Uncertain World (Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 15) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.81 - 96.

Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Agriculture: The Case Study of Wami River Sub-Basin

Tumbo, Siza Donald, Khamaldin Daud Mutabazi,Sixbert Kajumula Mourice, Barnabas Msolini Msongaleli, Frank Joseph Wambura, Omari Bilali Mzirai, Ibrahim Lwaho Kadigi, Frederick Cassian Kahimba, Peter Mlonganile, Hashim Karim Ngongolo, Chuki, Sangalugembe, Karuturi P. C. Rao, Roberto Valdivia. Submitted 2015.

Prioritizing climate-smart livestock technologies in rural Tanzania: A minimum data approach

Shikuku, Kelvin M. , Roberto O. Valdivia, Birthe K. Paul, Caroline Mwongera, Leigh Winowiecki, Peter Läderach, Mario Herrero, Silvia Silvestri. In Press. Agricultural Systems. doi:10.1016/j.agsy.2016.06.004.

Financial incentives: Possible options for sustainable rangeland management?

Louhaichi, Mounir, Yigezu A. Yigezu, Jutta Werner, Lojoo Dashtseren, Tamer El-Shater, Mohamed Ahmed. 2016. Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 180, Pages 493–503. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.05.077.

Climate Change Impacts on West African Agriculture: An Integrated Regional Assessment (CIWARA)

Samuel G. K. Adiku, Dilys S. MacCarthy, Ibrahima Hathie, Madina Diancoumba, Bright S. Freduah, Joseph Amikuzuno, P. C. Sibiry Traore, Seydou Traore, Eric Koomson, Alhassane Agali, Jon I. Lizaso, Dougbedji Fatondji, Myriam Adams, Lodoun Tigana, Daouda Z. Diarra, Ousmane N'diaye, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 25-73.

Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Agricultural Systems in East Africa

Karuturi P. C. Rao, Gummadi Sridhar, Richard M. Mulwa, Mary N. Kilavi, Anthony Esilaba, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 75-124.

Projected Impacts of Climate Change Scenarios on the Production of Maize in Southern Africa: An Integrated Assessment Case Study of the Bethlehem District, Central Free State, South Africa

Yacob G. Beletse, Wiltrud Durand, Charles Nhemachena, Olivier Crespo, Weldemichael A. Tesfuhuney, Matthew R. Jones, Mogos Y. Teweldemedhin, Sunshine M. Gamedze, Pontsho M. Bonolo, Syanda Jonas, Sue Walker, Patrick Gwimbi, Thembeka N. Mpuisang, Davide Cammarano, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 125-157.

Crop–Livestock Intensification in the Face of Climate Change: Exploring Opportunities to Reduce Risk and Increase Resilience in Southern Africa by Using an Integrated Multi-modeling Approach

Patricia Masikati, Sabine Homann-Kee Tui, Katrien Descheemaeker, Olivier Crespo, Sue Walker, Christopher J. Lennard, Lieven Claessens, Arthur C. Gama, Sebastiao Famba, Andre F. van Rooyen, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 159-198.

Impact of Climate Change on the Rice–Wheat Cropping System of Pakistan

Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Ashfaq, Ghulam Rasul, Syed Aftab Wajid, Tasneem Khaliq, Fahd Rasul, Umer Saeed, Muhammad Habib ur Rahman, Jamshad Hussain, Irfan Ahmad Baig, Syed Asif Ali Naqvi, Syed Ahsan Ali Bokhari, Shakeel Ahmad, Wajid Naseem, Gerrit Hoogenboom, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 219-258.

Integrated Climate Change Assessment through Linking Crop Simulation with Economic Modeling — Results from the Indo-Gangetic Basin

Nataraja Subash, Harbir Singh, Babooji Gangwar, Guillermo Baigorria, Alok Kumar Sikka, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 259-280.

Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Maize Farms and Farm Household Incomes in South India: A Case Study from Tamil Nadu

Paramasivam Ponnusamy, Geethalakshmi Vellingiri, Raji Reddy Danda, Lakshmanan Arunachalam, Dakshina Murthy, Sunandini Prema, Sreenivas Gade, Sonali P. McDermid, and Roberto O. Valdivia. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 281-313.

Climate Change Impacts on Rice Farming Systems in Northwestern Sri Lanka

Lareef Zubair, Sarath P. Nissanka, W. M. W. Weerakoon, Dumindu I. Herath, Asha S. Karunaratne, A. S. M. Prabodha, M. B. Agalawatte, Rasnayaka M. Herath, S. Zeenas Yahiya, B. V. R. Punyawardhene, Janan Vishwanathan, Punya Delpitiya, A. Erandika N. Wijekoon, Janaka Gunaratna, Sewwandhi S. K. Chandrasekara, P. Wickramagamage, K. D. N. Weerasinghe, Champa M. Navaratne, Ruchika S. Perera, Asela I. Gunesekara, G. M. Pradeep Kumara, Daniel Wallach, Roberto O. Valdivia, and Sonali McDermid. Handbook of Climate Change and Agroecosystems. April 2015, 315-352.

Economic trade-offs of biomass use in crop-livestock systems: Exploring more sustainable options in semi-arid Zimbabwe

Homann-Kee Tui, S., Valbuena, D., Masikati, P., Descheemaeker, K., Nyamangara, J., Claessens, L., Erenstein, O., Rooyen, A. van and Nkomboni, D. 2014. Agricultural Systems Volume 134, pp 48-60.  doi:10.1016/j.agsy.2014.06.009

Application of the TOA-MD model to assess adoption potential of improved sweet potato technologies by rural poor farm households under climate change: the case of Kabale district in Uganda

Ilukor, J., F. Bagamba, and B. Bashaasha. Food Security, June 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 359-368.

New Parsimonious Simulation Methods and Tools to Assess Future Food and Environmental Security of Farm Populations

Antle, J.M., J.J. Stoorvogel, R.O. Valdivia. 2014. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 2014 369, 20120280.

Climate Change Implications for Smallholder Agriculture and Adaptation in the White Volta Basin of the Upper East Region of Ghana

Amikuzuno, J., 2013. Impacts World 2013, International Conference on Climate Change Effects, Potsdam, May 27-30.

Economic and Social Impacts of Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture Technologies in Bangladesh. CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. Penang, Malaysia.

Jahan, K. M., C. Crissman, and J. Antle, 2013,, Working Paper: AAS-2013-02. 

Ex-ante assessment of integrated aquaculture-agriculture adoption and impact in Southern Malawi

Tran, N., C. Crissman, A. Chijere, M.C. Hong, S. J. Teoh, and R. O. Valdivia, 2013. CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. Penang, Malaysia. Working Paper: AAS-2013-03.

Assessing climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for smallholder agricultural systems in Uganda

Bagamba, F., B. Bashaasha, L. Claessens and J. Antle, 2012. African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 20, Issue Supplement s2, pp. 303 – 316. 

A method for evaluating climate change adaptation strategies for small-scale farmers using survey, experimental and modeled data

Claessens, L., J.M. Antle, J.J. Stoorvogel, R.O. Valdivia, P.K. Thornton, and M. Herrero. (2012). Accepted for publication in Agricultural Systems, March 2012This study assess impacts of climate change and adaptation under different socio-economic scenarios to 2030 for two mixed crop-livestock systems in Kenya.

Beyond Climate, Beyond Yield: Enhancing the adaptive capacity of Kenyan smallholders through empirical application of a systems perspective

Carleton, Tamma, 2012.  Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science in Environmental Change & Management School of Geography and the Environment University of Oxford, September 7, 2012.

Soil carbon sequestration and associated economic costs for farming systems of the Indo- Gangetic Plain: a meta-analysis

Grace, P., J. Antle, P. Aggarwal, S. Ogle, K. Paustian and B. Basso, 2012.  Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 146: 137– 146.

Pacific Northwest Rangeland Carbon Sequestration

Wiggins, Seth T., 2012. A Thesis submitted to Oregon State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.  Presented June 1, 2012.  This study examines two different alternative management practices on rangelands: Improved pasture management (IPM) and reducing grazing intensity (RGI). 

Preliminary Economic, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the EADD Project in Kenya Using the Tradeoff Analysis Model. 

Antle, J.M. and Valdivia, R.O., 2011. Report to the Trade-off Analysis for the Heifer Project using a Minimum Data Approach. Bill and Melinda Gates. Nairobi, Kenya, 2011.

Parsimonious Multi-Dimensional Impact Assessment

Antle, J.M., 2011. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 93(5):1292-1311.  A case study of adoption of a high-yielding maize variety in Kenya illustrates the model’s use.

Methods for Assessing Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Aquaculture Technology: Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture in Malawi

Antle, J.M. and R. Valdivia. (2011). Paper presented at the 9th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum, Shanghai, April 22 2011.

Ex-Ante economic and ecosystem service potential of simulated conservation practices in Ghana using a minimum data approach

Remaury, Hugo, 2011.  A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science, Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.  (Note:This study utilized version 4.0 of the TOA-MD).

Soil carbon sequestration rates and associated economic costs for farming systems of South-Eastern Australia

Grace, P.R, J. Antle , S. Ogle, K. Paustian and B. Basso. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 2010, 48, 720–729.

Socioeconomic and technical considerations to mitigate land and water degradation in the Peruvian Andes

Torero, M., Zegarra, E., Pender, J., Maruyama, E., Keefe, M., & Stoorvogel, J., 2010. Colombo, Sri Lanka: CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food.

Ex ante assessment of dual-purpose sweet potato in the crop–livestock system of western Kenya: A minimum-data approach

Claessens, L., J.J. Stoorvogel, and J.M. Antle, 2009. Agricultural Systems. 99:13-22. 

Can payments for ecosystem services secure the water tower of Tibet? 

Immerzeel, W., J. Stoorvogel, Antle, J., 2008. Agricultural Systems 96(13), 52-63.